Digital signage is a powerful media that allows retailers to engage with customers, share information, influence purchasing decisions, and increase in-store sales. However, before investing in a digital signage system, there are several factors retailers need to consider:  


Avoid making mistakes that others have already learned from. An experienced digital signage provider will include design services to ensure you arrive at a digital signage solution that delivers on your business goals and is suited to your unique environment.


You’ll need high-quality, relevant content that engages your customers and reflects your brand’s identity. The content should be updated regularly to keep it fresh and interesting. Moreover, it should be designed in such a way that it immediately grabs the attention of customers and conveys the message effectively.


Consider the physical qualities of the signage, including screen size, display resolution, brightness for readability in different lighting conditions, durability, and whether it supports touch or other interactive features. The hardware must be capable of handling the demands of your content and the conditions of the location where it will be placed.


The software should be easy to use and flexible enough to handle scheduling, updates, and content management. It should also support various content formats. Some digital signage systems come with analytic features that help retailers track viewer engagement and response, which can be valuable for refining content strategies. We offer a full-featured digital signage content management system, Ubiquity Software.


Make sure the signage can connect to the internet or a local network for content updates and management. Also, ensure you have a stable and reliable internet connection in your store, so the signage does not experience downtime.


Where will the sign be placed? High foot traffic areas are generally best, but you’ll also need to consider how the sign will look in the space, whether it can be safely and securely installed, and whether there are power and internet connections readily available.


If you want your digital signage to display real-time data (like social media feeds, weather updates, or dynamic pricing), you’ll need a solution that can integrate with your existing systems and data sources. At UBI, we provide solutions that integrate with a wide variety of POS systems.

Support and Maintenance

You would ideally want a system that comes with good technical support. Maintenance includes both software updates and physical cleaning, repair, or eventual replacement. Your support partner can also provide network monitoring to ensure your digital signage network is operating appropriately.


Cost includes the upfront purchase price of the hardware and software, installation costs, ongoing content creation costs, and any ongoing service or subscription fees. Be sure to factor in all these elements to understand the total cost of ownership.

Vendor Reputation

Consider the reputation and credibility of the digital signage provider. A well-established company with a strong track record in digital signage can be a safer bet than a less-proven vendor.

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